PDI has three broad missions.


First, PDI will improve its status in an academic field.

To accomplish this goal, PDI intends to strengthen policy-making capacity through research, which has been comparatively neglected in our organization compared to other national research institutes and think-tanks. PDI, therefore, will put much more efforts to study specific problems that our society is now facing and provide policy recommendations.

Second, PDI will deepen our academic identity.

Research interests of PDI have been expanded studies both including peace and democracy. From now on, PDI will intensify its own research capacity by dividing research agenda into specific themes and focusing on each subject.

Third, PDI will be more actively engaged in public education.

PDI has established two specific plans for it: sharing its academic performance with the public by opening up access to the website and giving a public lecture in order to foster civic understanding of democracy and politics. PDI will establish a systematic educational program to raise politicians having democratic leadership.