Center for the Study of Political Leadership

1. About

The Center for the Study of Political Leadership was founded to study various agendas related to political leadership. The Center works for theorizing research on political leadership and boosting related studies. Researchers in the Center also seek to analyze characteristics, different paths, and types of political leadership.

Major research interests are as follows:

1. Who becomes a political leader?

  • Personal characteristic of a political leader, Pattern and Trend of Public Preference for Political Leadership

2. How does the public choose a political leader?

  • Analysis on how the public evaluates political leadership and what causes the change

3. What is needed to become a political leader?

  • What kind of people wants to be politicians? Why do they want? What do they prepare to be? What determines winning at the election?

4. Does the political leadership affect national economic growth and development?

  • Analysis on political leaders’ contribution to regional and national development, Empirical study on leadership of Minister and Governor as well as President

2. Member

Center Director : Hong-Kyu Park (Korea University)

Research Professor

  • Doo-Jin Kim (Korea University)
  • Gyu Jeong Lee (Korea University)
  • Sung-Woo Lee (Korea University)
  • Moon Hee Song (Korea University)

3. Projects

2020.10-11:  Seongbuk-gu Civic education (“Citizen and participation:  How do citizens become owner of politic?”)

2020.10: National Election Commission Korea election broadcast program co-production (“Election, You can see as much as you know”)

2020.09: National Election Commission Korea election broadcast program co-production(“World political leader, how to be created”)

2020.07-10: Research funded by National Election Commission (“An analysis of the effectiveness and impact of election campaign methods according to changes in the election environment”)

2019.09-12: Seongbuk-gu Civic education(“Citizens and the World: Peace on the Korean Peninsula and International Politics”)

2018.10-12: Seongbuk-gu Civic education(“Citizen College Season 2: Complex conflict and reconciliation of Korean Society”)

2018.04-08: Seongbuk-gu Civic education(“Citizens Between Life and Knowledge: Meet peace and democracy”)

4. Publication

Gyu Jeong Lee, Sung-Woo Lee, Jae Hyeok Shin. 2017. “ Government Partisanship and Technological Disasters.” 『Institute of Social Sciences』 41(3), 271-293.