Vol. 28, No. 2 (Autumn, 2020)

  • Politics of Catastrophe:The Lisbon Earthquake and Modern State in the 21st Century / Byoung Won Min

  • Korea’s Trilemma in the Labor Market: Fiscal Discipline, Employment Growth, and Income Equality / Jiyeoun Song

  • Fairness Perceptions, and Attitudes toward Unification and North Korea Policy/ Bon Sang Koo

  • An Theoretical Interpretation of the Crisis of European Integration: Political Community, Functional Integration, and Communitarian Politics/  Mi-kyung Kim

  • Juxtaposing HIV/AIDS and COVID-19: The Prospect for Global Responses to COVID-19 / Young Soo Kim

  • Hannah Arendt’s Politics of Human Rights and Ethics of Hospitality/ Minsoo Kim

  • The Frontier Policy and Historical Reconciliation of King Sejo in Joseon Dynasty: Focused on the Theory of Zhonghua(中華) Community / Sangkeun Bang

  • Foreign Policy Dilemma in South Korean Democracy: Challenge of Polarized and Politicized Public Opinion/ Shin-wha Lee

  • The Tax Structure in Japan: Emergence of Consumption-Friendly Residualism, 1995-2015/ Sung Ho Park

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