Center for the Study of European Union

1. About

The Center for the Study of European Union was founded to contribute to the development of research on the European Union. The Center is studying certain European countries, working in area studies, sharing accumulated data related to the EU, and supporting students who are interested in the study of the EU.

Major research interests are as follows:

1. Studying various aspects of the European Union such as politics, security, economy, society, law and so on

2. Studying recent issues in the European Union

3. Studying European Political Thoughts

2. Member

Center Director : Nam-Kook Kim (Korea University)

Research Professor

  • Chi-Won Choi (Korea University)

Senior Researcher

  • Mi-Youn Baik (Korea University)
  • Joo Yeon Lee (Korea University)

3. Projects

Past Projects

  • 2012.06-2014.06 : Jean Monnet Programme
  • 2011.09-2014.08 : Social Science Korea(SSK) Program funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (“Multicultural Challenges and Sustainable Democracy”)

4. Publication

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