Publication of Peace Studies Vol.27, No.1 (Spring, 2019)

Peace Studies (registered journal of National Research Foundation), Vol.27, No. 1 (Spring, 2019), published twice a year by the Peace and Democracy Institute, Korea University, was recently released. The original text will be available via Dbpia after a certain period of time.


  • A Change in the International Financial Order and the Interpretation of Financial Crises: Three Perspectives on Financial Instability / Jaehwan Jung
  •   Were ‘86 Generation’ Divergent or Illusive? The Empirical Analysis of the Change of Their Political Attitudes / Sangik Han, Junghoon Kim & Jongho Choi
  • Zhonghua Community Strategy and International Relations in the First Half of Taejong Period / Hongkyu Park
  • The Causes of Deactivated Income-based Voting: An Analysis of the 7th Local Elections / Woojin Moon
  • The Impacts of SNS Uses on Off-line Political Participation: Focusing on Moderating Effects of SNS Reading and Writing / Jino John, Seonwoo Kim, Hyoungjee Kim, Xiong Shuangling & Sungtae Kim
  • No First Use of Nuclear Weapons: Characters, Debates, and Its Possible Application to Korean Peninsula /  Jae-Yeop Kim
  • Comparing Denuclearization Policies of United States for its Allies during the Cold War: Cases of South Korea and Pakistan / Deokjoong Kim, Whasun Jho & Taehee Whang
  • Forecasting Rebel Violence: How Diffusion Patterns of Violence Improve the Prediction of Future Conflicts / Hyun Jin Choi, Dong Myung Kwag
  • Korea’s Candlelight Protests in Context: Evidence from the Asian Barometer Survey and Global Events Data / José Alemán
  • Allocating Environmentally Beneficial and Harmful Foreign Aid: The Role of Domestic Political Institutions / Sung Eun Kim, Johannes Urpelainen

Thank you all for the submissions