Director Shin-wha Lee

Shin-wha Lee is Professor of Department of Political Science and International Relations & Director of Peace and Democracy Institute(PDI), Korea University (2003-now); Member of Committee on Public Diplomacy, Republic of Korea (2017-); Advisor of Korean Army Development; Member of Ministry of Defense Requirement Verification Committee (2017-); International advisory member of Asia-Pacific Center for Responsibility to Protect (2008-); and Member of Trilateral Commission (2003-). Her previous positions include Post-doc fellow at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs(CFIA) (1994-97), Research associate at the World Bank (1992-93), Special advisor to UNSG Kofi Annan’s Rwandan Independent Inquiry (1999-2000), Chair’s advisor of East Asian Vision Group(EAVG) (2000-01), Visiting scholar at Princeton University’s East Asian Program (2004), Full-time visiting professor at Dept of Political Science and School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University (2009-10), Board member and Executive committee member of Academic Council on the UN Studies(ACUNS) (2008-11), International board member of GR:EEN, Europe (2011-14), Director of Center for Global Leadership, Korea University (2011-2012), Vice President for international affairs at Korea University(2012), Chair of Research Committee of Seoul Forum for International Affairs (SFIA) (2013-2019); Visiting scholar at MIT’s Center for International Studies(CIS) (2016-17), and UN Secretary General’s Advisory Group Member of Peacebuilding Fund(PBF)(2014-17). She received her Ph.D from University of Maryland at College Park(1994) and received Nakasone Yasuhiro Award of Excellence(2008). Her numerous publications cover UN Peace operations, human security, and East Asian multilateral security architecture and foreign policies.