[Citizen College Season 4] #10 Elections and Media


On November 13, 2020, the tenth lecture of Citizen College Season 4 < Citizen and Participation: How do citizens become owner of politics? > , co-hosted by the Seongbuk-gu Office and the Peace and Democracy Institute, was conducted using ZOOM. The tenth lecture was given by Dr. Gyu Jeong LEE, Senior Researcher at the Peace and Democracy Institute.

The lecture, titled “Elections and Media,” was a time to learn about the impact of media on elections, especially the recent fake news issues. The images and emphasis of the candidates shown by the media have influenced voters who watch the media in various forms in actual elections. And the positive influence of the media on these elections has recently begun to be misused in the form of several fake news. In particular, fake news has distorted voter’s voting information, intensified factional strife, undermined the overall media credibility of Korean society and eroded social capital. In response, the lecturer emphasized the dangers and effects of fake news, introduced ways to identify and discern fake news that has become prevalent in society, and shared various opinions with the students.