When Dogs Wag their Tails: How Great Powers Patrons Manage their Belligerent Client Allies under Uncertainty (2021.08)

  • 저자 : 박동준
  • 학술지명 : Journal of Peace and Unification
  • 발행처 : 이화여자대학교 통일학연구원
  • 권호 : 11(3)
  • 게재년월 : 2021년 08월

초록 : How do great powers manage their alliances with smaller states? Despite the risk of en-trapment, crises may also be perceived as opportunities to gain private information about others. Based on this logic, I argue that both status quo and revisionist powers uncertain about the system either welcome or condone belligerent behavior by their smaller allies and thus loosely manage their relationships. Certain revisionist powers also consider crises beneficial due to this dynamic, but oversee the action of their protégés more closely to prevent it from interfering with their own strategy to revise the system. In contrast, certain status quo powers most closely control their client allies to prevent entrapment. In other words, uncertainty causes great powers to wag their tails.