We or They? A Summit, Accents and South Korean Stereotypes toward North Koreans (2020.11)

  • 저자 : Han Il Chang & Woo Chang Kang
  • 학술지명 : International Journal of Intercultural Relations
  • 발행처 : Pergamon-Elsevier Science
  • 권호 : 79
  • 게재년월 : 2020년 11월
  • 초록 : The effects of verbal accents on intergroup attitudes are well documented. This study aims to enrich our understanding by exploring how those effects vary according to the speaker’s gender and the political context. We conducted two online survey experiments in which South Korean citizens were randomly exposed to speakers exhibiting one of four accent conditions – South Korean male and female accents and North Korean male and female accents – a week before and two days after the 2018 Singapore summit between North Korea and the United States, in order to test hypotheses based on literatures from political science, social psychology and evolutionary biology. The results indicate that only exposure to a North Korean male accent, not a North Korean female accent, strengthened stereotypes about North Koreans among South Koreans prior to the summit. Further, this negative effect disappeared immediately after the summit.