The New Dynamics of Democracy in South Korea

김채한(엮음), 이신화, 지병근 [외] (Routledge) 2021.05.20

An Introduction to The New Dynamics of Democracy in South Korea (Chae-han Kim)

1.Changing Regional Sentiment in South Korea (Byong-kuen Jhee)

2.Generations and Their Political Differences in South Korea (Kyungmee Park)

3.The Neutralization of Class Politics and New Conservative Hegemony in South Korea (Ji-Whan Yun)

4.Cultural Foundation of Contentious Democracy in South Korea (Youngho Cho, Mi-son Kim, and Yong Cheol Kim)

5.The Political Effects of Candlelight Protests on South Korean Democracy (Sung-jin Yoo)

6.Why Do Parties Split and Merge in South Korea? (Jin-young Kwak )

7.Legal Regulations in South Korean Politics (Won-taek Kang)

8.Presidential Powers and Executive Dominance in Law Production in South Korea (Woojin Moon)

9.Democratization, Institutions, and Welfare Politics in South Korea (Jae-jin Yang )

10.Foreign Policy Dilemma in South Korean Democracy (Shin-wha Lee)