The EU after Brexit and Potential Impact on East Asia: The Economic and Geopolitical Implications (2020.12)

  • 저자 : Doo-Jin Kim
  • 학술지명 : The Journal of East Asian Affairs
  • 발행처 : Sage Publications
  • 권호 : 33(2)
  • 게재년월 : 2020년 12월

초록 : The Brexit decision tends to alter the economic and geopolitical dynamics of Europe as well as the wider global community. In East Asian economies, the Brexit decision has created a great deal of uncertainty in recent times. Significantly, Brexit will make the UK less valuable as a diplomatic and economic partner to the US. Japan has attempted to maintain as close relationships with the UK and the EU after Brexit. With the rise of China, Japan has become increasingly reluctant to participate in the process of regional integration in East Asia. Post-Brexit EU has a major stake in East Asian security as any conflict would immediately impact global economic connectedness. Given Brexit, the EU must maintain its critical engagement towards North Korea, so-called the most acute security problem in the region. As for Japan, Brexit may be considered particularly‘damaging’ as the UK has generally been seen as the gateway to Europe. China is a huge partner for the UK trade as the UK’s third-largest trading partner, after the EU and the US. China would see the UK’s role in the world diminished as a consequence of Brexit. While President Trump’s isolationist character may give rise to a more favorable China’s perceptions of the EU in an era of Brexit, China’s growing engagement with the UK and the EU will accelerate its commitment to East Asia. The geopolitical situation of this kind would intensify instability in the East Asian region.