Measurement of Ideology Based on Per Capita Vote Versus Money Count Vote in Korea (2017.09)


  • 저자 : Eunju Chi, and Hyeok Yong Kwon
  • 저서명 : Applied Approaches to Societal Institutions and Economics
  • 편저자 : Tohru Naito, Woohyung Lee, Yasunori Ouchida
  • 출판사 : Springer
  • 출간일 : 2017년 9월
  • 영문 초록 : This paper studies political confrontation developed through ideological differences as well as economic confrontation developed by income inequality. For this, this paper raises the question of whether income difference causes influence on political decisions at the individual level. The per capita vote and money count vote will collide on many political and economic issues if a small number of persons are rich, support a free market system, and encourage fast economic growth and minimum welfare policy in contrast to if a majority of population are poor and support a progressive idea of a more comprehensive welfare policy and higher minimum wage. Ideology histogram of different income groups are tabulated, and the null hypotheses of no influence of income to ideology are tested in this paper.