Inequality and Attitudes toward Immigration: the Native-Immigrant Gap in Australia (2020.09)

  • 저자 : Woo Chang Kang & Emily Look
  • 학술지명 : Australian Journal of Political Science
  • 발행처 : Taylor & Francis
  • 권호 : 55(3)
  • 게재년월 : 2020년 09월
  • 초록 : How does local economic inequality affect the native-immigrant gap in immigration attitudes? Existing studies do not distinguish between native and immigrant citizens, which is problematic because immigrants represent an increasing share of the population and voting public. Immigrant citizens, as legal residents, receive the same legal and social protections as native citizens. However, as an out-group, they are less likely to be attached to the national and cultural identity of a host country. This paper uses the Australian Election Study to show that immigrant citizens prioritise cultural or psychological considerations in forming immigration attitudes. As local economic inequality rises, immigrant citizens’ support for immigration strengthens regardless of their country of origin, reason for migration and length of stay in Australia.