Income Inequality and Welfare in Korea and Taiwan (2018.06)


  • 저자 : Eunju Chi
  • 저서명 : Handbook of Sustainable Development in Asia
  • 편저자 : Sara Hsu
  • 출판사 : Routledge
  • 출간일 : 2018년 6월
  • 영문 초록 : This chapter focuses on economic and social well-being in Korea and Taiwan. Deepening inequality is a trend that makes sustainable development difficult to attain. When a government actively responds to the deepening inequality by providing welfare, inequality is alleviated, and sustainable development is possible. In this vein, this chapter examines the causes and processes of deepening inequality in Korea and Taiwan, then turns to policies associated with improving economic distribution. Democratization required measures to protect the victims of wealth polarization and, as a result, measures to tackle income inequality in Korea and Taiwan were introduced. However, these were implemented in an ad hoc fashion, rather than resulting from clear goals and plans.