Genocide, Politicide, and the Prospects of Democratization since 1900 (2021.03)

  • 저자 : Gary Uzonyi,  Nam Kyu Kim, Nakissa Jahanbani, Victor Asal
  • 발행처 : SAGE journals
  • 권호: 65(9)
  • 게재년월 : 2021년 04월

초록 : Why do some autocracies democratize? A country’s violent past has received little attention. We argue that genocide and politicide undermine democratization by binding the elites’ supporters more tightly to the governing power, while cementing in-group/out-group animosities, and helping preserve the elites’ status quo position within the state. We test this argument on a new dataset of government atrocity and democratization since 1900. These novel data allow us to capture many important instances of atrocity missed by others, and thus take a longer look at democratization and violence throughout history. We find that episodes of genocide and politicide are associated with a lower likelihood of democratization in both the short and long run. These effects are larger and more consistent than other common explanations for democratization. They also differ from the effects of non-genocidal civil war violence.