Electing More Women to National Legislatures: An Interplay between Global Normative Pressure and Domestic Political Regimes (2022.10)

  • 저자 : Mi Hwa Hong and Nam Kyu Kim
  • 학술지명 : International Studies Quarterly
  • 발행처 : Oxford University Press
  • 권호 : 66(4)
  • 게재년월 : 2022년 10월

초록: Existing studies show that democracies are no better than autocracies in terms of women’s legislative representation. This finding seems counterintuitive because democracies are more politically inclusive and foster greater respect for civil and political rights, compared to autocracies. We revisit the relationship between democracy and women’s legislative representation by considering the interaction between democracy and global norms of gender equality in politics. We argue that democracies are better able than autocracies to translate a global norm of gender-balanced political representation into actual domestic practices. Further, we contend that the effect of democracies also depends on the external normative pressure. Using a time-series cross-sectional dataset covering 147 countries from 1951 to 2013, our analysis shows that the more democratic a country is, the more responsive it is to global norms promoting gender equality in politics. It also demonstrates that the effect of democracy on women’s representation strengthens, as global normative pressure for women’s inclusion in politics grows.