Government Partisanship and Electoral Accountability: The Effect of Perceived Employment Situation on Partisan Vote Switching (2019.09)

  • 저자 : Hyeok Yong Kwon
  • 학술지명 : Political Research Quarterly
  • 발행처 : SAGE Publications
  • 권호 : 72(3)
  • 게재년월 : 2019년 9월
  • DOI :
  • 초록 : What are the electoral impacts of perceptions of unemployment under different partisan persuasions of the government? Neither the literature on retrospective economic voting nor partisan voting has provided a compelling answer to this question. This paper addresses this puzzle by analyzing panel surveys and leveraging differences in government partisanship in two consecutive elections. I argue that negative evaluations of the employment situation induce voter transition to support a left-wing party under a right-wing government, but that such voter perceptions do not affect vote choice under a left-wing government. An analysis of a voter transition, using British Election Panel Study 1992–1997 and 1997–2001, reveals findings that support my argument. My argument suggests conditional partisan voting effects. Essentially, the effect of economic issues on vote choice is conditional on issue salience and which party “owns” the issue, namely, the varying levels of issue salience related to government partisanship.